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drone flying at an airport

air portal

A flexible online portal for airports to manage drone operations inside flight restriction zones and controlled airspace

Air Portal

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Air Portal Dashboard

Efficient Approval Process

Approvals can be automated inside user defined areas. These lower-risk areas can be defined by volume and time in order to maximise efficiency. More complex applications can be processed efficiently, even when there are multiple stakeholders in the approval chain.

Air Portal FRZ map

Situational Awareness

Viewers can see at a glance applications and those operating in real time. Access to an approvals dashboard can be granted to internal and external stakeholders providing excellent situational awareness.

Air Portal 3D view


The advanced visualisation improves compliance and there is a full audit trail of all application and approval actions. This can be provided to regulators if required.

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Crane Permit Approvals - digitise your crane permit process, improving both efficiency and safety.

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Stu McGlynn

Stuart has been in the aviation industry for over 27 years fulfilling roles in air traffic control, operations, project management, and consultancy. He has worked closely with airports, regulators, and the wider aviation industry in the US, UK, Europe and the Middle East. His extensive experience of drone regulations and processes in over 40 countries enables him to provide regulatory expertise to some of the world’s largest commercial drone operators. He is also at the forefront of the development of industry standards and guidelines in the UK and is a member of the Government working group promoting the growth and safe development of the drone industry.


Nick McFarlane

Nick is co-founder and former Managing Director of aviation consultancy Helios (now part of Egis Group). He has a long consultancy career in aviation with a focus on air traffic management and airports. He has worked extensively for government and non- government institutions such as the EC, Eurocontrol, and aviation regulators, as well as major airports, air navigation service providers, investors and industry. He has specified and managed software development programmes, including an extensive Enterprise Resource Planning system.


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